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Basic Sex Toys Types

Vibrating Sex Toys

 is the most popular type of sex toys. 
Vibration stimulates nerve endings and increases blood 
flow allowing for stronger arousal and orgasm. These 
popular adult toys can be very relaxing when used on
sore muscles. 
Target your g-spot, play with a rabbit, discover classic 
adult toys, or get right to the point with bullets and 


Dildo adult toys

 are non-vibrating adult sex toys that
have multiple uses. The shape of the toy plays
the key role in stimulation. Choose curved dildos 
for G-spot stimulation or flared base for anal and 
strap-on play. If you want hands free sex experience 
look for a toy with suction cup. Realistically shaped 
dildos are visually exciting and create very life-like 

Men's Sex Toys

Let’s not forget about our dear men. There is a 
variety of toys catering to men’s needs. We offer 
wide selection of toys for male masturbation, made 
of soft textured materials, these sex toys enhance 
your experience. Prostate massagers can offer new 
sensations and better prostate health. Other sex toys
for men include cock rings for delayed ejaculation 
and penis pumps.


Couple's Toys

Fetish adult toys

Try some kinky play and surrender to sensations. You
don’t need special devices for this. Simple sex toys such 
as blindfold and playful cuffs will do the trick. The 
blindfold deprives of eyesight making you concentrate 
on the touch and smell adding theelement of surprise.


Anal Toys

Not sure about anal sex? It sounds intimidating but 
when done properly uncovers amazing sensations for
men and women alike. There are different kinds of anal 
toys: anal beads, which increase orgasm intensity if pulled 
out at the right moment; butt plugs for staying in during 
sex and probes for more intense stimulation. It is very 
important to go slow: start with smaller sex toys and use a 
plenty of lube

Vibrating Rings

A quintessential couple’s sex toy, vibrating ring 
is worn during sex and delivers vibrations to both 
partners. It is a ring made of soft stretchy material 
with a special compartment housing vibrating bullet. 
The price range is wide; you can go with a cheap 
disposable ring or splurge on rechargeable silicone 
toy with powerful vibration. The ring goes over penis 
or penis and testicles while the vibrating part stimulates 
her during penetration.



How to Care About Sex Toy

Sex Toy Materials

The sex toy industry has done a lot improving quality of 
toy materials. Now it is a regular practice to use latex and 
phthalate free compounds in adult toys. Get important
safety and allergy information from the material safety 
rank we provide for every product and start your sex toy 
shopping experience right.


Care and Maintenance

Sex toys are very easy to take care of. If your toy is made 
of hard plastic or TPR you can wash them with warm water 
and a toy cleaner. The silicone material provides more 
options: you can sterilize by wiping your adult toys with 
bleach solution. If your silicone toy doesn’t have a motor 
inside you can boil it and even wash it in dishwasher.

Sex Toys and Lubricants

It is very important to use a lubricant with your sex toy. 
Lubes allow for having much more enjoyable experience. 
However you need to be careful when selecting lube for 
your sex toy. Silicone lubes should never be used with 
silicone sex toys as they can damage the material. When 
not sure opt for water based lubes that are compatible with 
any adult toys.



Adult Toys and Sexual Health

Toys for Prostate Massage

Experience the benefits of prostate massage! Prostate 
stimulation delivers delightful arousal and even ejaculation. 
It also increases blood flow to the prostate area improving 
prostate health. Prostate toys come in many different shapes 
and materials, some massagers feature vibrations. We will 
help you to find the best of prostate sex toy style for you.


Sex Toys For Kegels

Achieve longer, stronger orgasms and improved sexual 
health with kegel toys and ben wa balls. Ben wa balls 
were used by ancient Chinese women for arousal, these 
sex toys also help to improve muscle tone. Modern kegel 
exercisers consist of one or two spheres with moving metal 
balls inside. When balls move PC muscles automatically 
contract around them, with long term use your PC muscles 
become stronger. Women everywhere are adding this simple, 
fun, and very beneficial practice to their every day health 

Sex Toys for Stamina

Sex toys can help men to improve stamina and endurance. 
Regular use of masturbators allows for stamina training while
wearing a cock ring during intercourse delays ejaculation for
better partner’s sex. Premature ejaculation is a most common 
sexual condition in men. Adult toys can help to maintain 
stronger and longer erections and experience stronger orgasms.

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